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I always wonder why everyone I meet asks me the same question when it comes to spot cleaning. The question is- what is the best spot remover?

My response is always the same thing- well what is the spot from? This week I saw three inspections that all had to do with spots on nylon. One was a perfectly round discolouration on a brand new carpet. The big box store who sold the product filed claim for pile reversal and never even visited the home to inspect!

One was for “fly contamination” in wool yarns. Yet my burn test showed a blended fiber and the “contamination” sure looked like a burn under the microscope. Another was for blue spots that appeared after the carpet cleaning. There were over a dozen blue spots and the customer used a spot cleaner provided by the retailer.

Spotters provided by the retailer are all too often the culprit in many cases I inspect. The retailer provides a product that is highly alkaline and leaves a residue. The spots then either lighten up lighter than the carpet after too many applications or leave a residue that causes rapid resoiling.

I wish that some simple education on spot removal could be relayed to all levels of the carpet industry so we could all be on the same page. I have recently rejoined the Floorcovering Institute of Ontario. May be we could give some free seminars in this regard.

If you have any questions on carpet spot removal or require service on some spots or stains please feel free to email me at or contact us for any carpet cleaning toronto or any carpet cleaning services

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