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Inspection this past week: Texture retention

I had a client whose carpet I was inspecting for the manufacturer ask me to talk to her about her carpet.

Of course I am not supposed to talk about the specifics of her carpet situation, but she was adamant to talk carpet.

Her carpet had “worn” out. Keep in mind the definition of “wear” according to most carpet mills is “the loss of 10% or more of the face fiber”.

So of course this means that carpets rarely wear out, they just do not lose that amount of filament.

Carpets can “ugly out” though. This can be from severe matting, the tips of the yarns blooming and any other number of things.

This is what is referred to as a “loss of texture”.

This is why you will see on finer carpet products that they can have a “texture retention warranty”, usually from 10-25 years long.

So when you are looking for long term performance for a carpet- look for the texture retention warranty- because the wear warranty is not worth much to most customers.

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