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Air Conditioner


Dear Clinicair Client,


Thank you for trusting Clinicair for improving the quality of your air, using medical grade air duct cleaning. Last year we expertly improved the quality of air in over 2000 local homes like yours.   


Here are some suggestions to help prepare for your appointment:

  1. Please ensure to have clear access to all air vents, including in the furnace area.

  2. Inform our technician if allergies condition exist.

  3. Ensure that a parking space is available for our vehicle.

  4. For condominium residents please arrange the use of the elevator with the property manager


We also perform regular air duct cleaning services include dryer vent cleaning, bathroom exhausts fan cleaning.

Thank you for working with us. We look forward to serving you,

                        James Lee Senter

                        Fresh and Clean/Toronto Carpet Inspector

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